The Dutch Roses Society

Dear guest, a warm welcome to you as a visitor of our website!

[dropcap_2 color=””]T [/dropcap_2]he Dutch Roses Society was founded in 1966 and is a proud member of the World Federation of Rose Societies. The members of our society are true rose lovers and we support each other with the following:

We publish a quarterly full colour roses magazine (in Dutch) with all kinds of information on roses and related subjects:

Old roses, new roses, Information on care taking (planting, pruning, illnesses), Combining with other plants, etc.

We organize trips in the Netherlands and abroad where we a.o. visit rose gardens and rose growers.

We have our traditional new year and end-of-season meetings where we meet to enjoy the good company with some coffee, a drink and lunch.

We provide additional help through our sources of information in case of questions.

Membership is € 30 annually for people living in The Netherlands. For people abroad the fee is € 35 annually.

We regret not being able to translate the full website in your language. However we still hope you enjoyed visiting us and liked the photos. If you are interested in joining a rose society, please contact the World Federation of Rose Societies. They probably can help you find a rose society in your country.